Tom-Ferr Automotive

The automotive plant from Tom-Ferr Plc is located at the industrial park of Tata, directly at the highway M1. With a production area of 4400 m2 and with an office place of 440 m2 we intend to provide service our existing and potential customers at highest level, according the quality requirements of Automotive industry.



The laser technology is one of today’s leading technologies in the world.

The cutting of essential tubes with round and rectangular cross-section for the automotive industry.

We carry out the bending of tubes and
hollow sections on our CNC bending machines

The eccentric stand with a press capacity from 40 to 100 tons, the hydraulic presses 160 to 250 tons.

The relatively short pipe components are manufactured on the tube end machining special fixtures.

The machine cuts the parts, then the parts processed very efficiently, from both sides simultaneously.

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